Our Services

Lawyers/advocates of the SKYRYBOS.EU OFFICE provide legal services related to any issues arising in the field of legal relations of the family.

Contact us if you want:

  • to get full and qualified legal aid regarding relevant Family Law issues;
  • to prepare procedural documents (claim application, response to a claim, counterclaim, reply, rejoinder, separate claim/appeal, etc.) for the court;
  • to determine the spouses’ separation;
  • to terminate a civil marriage;
  • to invalidate marriage concluded under the church (confession) procedure;
  • to receive a court permit (to sell real estate, when there are minor children);
  • to identify or contest paternity of the child;
  • to adjudge maintenance (alimony) for children from the spouse;
  • to divide marital property (without dissolution of marriage);
  • to initiate the division of property from common shared property;
  • to resolve the dispute with regard to the child’s place of residence with one of the parents;
  • to resolve the dispute related to the procedure of communication with the child;
  • to increase or decrease the size of maintenance for children adjudged by the court;
  • to live with children until their reach the age of majority in their spouse’s apartment (an usufruct right);
  • to adjudge maintenance from parents being an adult (pupil or student);
  • the court to apply the following interim measures by your initiative:
    • adjudge temporary maintenance for children from the spouse pending the court decision;
    • identify the children’s place of residence with you;
    • establish spouse’s obligation to live separately pending the court decision;
    • prohibit the spouse from visiting places frequented by the other spouse and his minor children, seeing them;
    • arrest property pending resolution of property division, child maintenance issues.
  • to adjudge maintenance and/or moral damage to yourself from the other spouse;
  • to limit the authority of parent with regard to the child (children);
  • the foreign court judgement to be recognised and enforceable in Lithuania (in adoption cases).

If you have any additional questions or need free legal advice please contact us by phone: +370 655 50670 or e-mail: info@skyrybos.eu